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This 11 months long project began with my fascination with drawing and the naked body.The final result was shown at the Glasgow School of Art 2017 Degree Show.

"Navigating The Space" is a video installation work exploring ideas of intimacy and body, using drawing as a medium of exploration. The decision to be naked in front of the camera is a bold one - and combining it with drawing that is often considered a “childish” activity - it creates a playful experience that allows participants to express and explore themselves.

Drawing is a way of exploring the world and own mind, telling stories and conveying emotions. Drawing for me is an integral part of the way I experience the world. This year i explored the topics of body, intimacy, mapping and play. All these things are present in my final work, installation “Navigating the space”. In that work people you see on the videos are navigating and exploring the spaces of their or somebody else’s bodies, and the murals accompanying the videos explore the physical space of the installation. 
We live in the age of easily accessible pornography, with objectivisation of bodies in advertisement and mass media being commonplace. Yet nudity is still considered a taboo, an age-restricted topic. A body is something that all humans have, it is one of the only subjects that is universally understood by people. I am interested in exploring the experiences that come with the body, be it your own or others. Intimacy that comes with the nude, voyeurism, the gaze are the topics i have explored previously.

Through a mix of traditional medium of drawing and participatory practices I aim to create works that either create or showcase experiences. I am fascinated by the meditative qualities of drawing, how watching the process or being directly involved in it puts you in a special state of mind. And with drawing being accessible to everyone it is a great  medium for participatory practices. 

“it was really fun and engaging experience, an exciting creation to be part of.”
“ ..it was illuminating in many ways. It challenged me to think about my relationship with my own body and pushed me to think about my naked form in a unique, freeing way that made me reconsider what I see as constituting beauty. It was a creative experience that I am proud and glad to have been a part of!”

The space lacked seating forcing viewers to move around and be aware of their presence and movement in the space in relation to two video feeds,one showing life scale full body videos and another one - zoomed in shots.

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