My art practice is largely based on works involving space and public. Using research-based and interventional approach I am aiming to provoke change within the environment.
For 2016 Public Art Project I decided to focus on the area called Lang Craigs, a woodland only half an hour walk away from Dumbarton city centre. This area seems to be a perfect example of untouched and wild nature. It is not only a popular weekend destination but also a site of an ambitious project of creating a new native woodsland. The synergy and contrast between nature and a human is the topic I explored through my performative sound work.
I decided on working with the medium of sound and performance so its temporary quality would highlight the fragility and at the same time permanence of nature, and the aspect of human presence - the change people bring in to the nature. The final work is a sound intervention that allowed visitors of Lang Craig to experience the amplified presence of nature and human within it, give them a way to observe the site differently.

Volunteer members of the local community wearing portable speakers are walking their usual routes through Lang Craigs. The speakers they are wearing are playing sound recordings made in various areas of Glasgow and then altered by the artist. These sound pieces are played loud enough so they can be heard from the distance but not loud enough to be easy to distinguish from the sounds of the site. Every sound piece is unique, so when performers are within the hearing range of each other they together create a melody. This melody is being altered by the landscape, positions of performers in relation to each other, weather conditions.


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