A follow up on my Degree Show project "Navigating the Space" (video installation, 2017).
My final year of Sculpture and Environmental art BA course I finally decided to study the practice of drawing and my fascination with a nude body, a female nude body in particular. You can read more on this project, its development and outcomes here. I ended up facilitating (organising? Staging?) sessions of drawing on your own or other person's bare skin in from of a camera. And even though that experience was moving and liberating for all parties involved, I kept on thinking about how the implications of this meditative practice would've changed if I was to try it in public and not in the safety and privacy of my studio. If watching these somewhat intimate videos at an art gallery gave it a bit of a voyeuristic feel, what would change if I was to confront my own body and the ingrained shame associated with nudity in public?
So one wonderful sunny day I went out into the quiet vast park in the very centre of Moscow, took my clothes off and started drawing lines on my skin.

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